Class Update


My writing class is going really well (I think). From the beginning Mrs. Laws told Taylor and me that her class needed to work on writing memoirs, so that is what we have been doing. We used previous student examples to determine things that needed to be included (detail, dialogue, facts, etc.) Students finished planning for their memoir and wrote them last week. After they were finished students highlighted the detail and dialogue they had already included and were challenged to add more detail, dialogue, similes, and metaphors. Students worked with a partner to read each others paper and then they let them know 2 things they could see or really liked from the paper and 2 things they didn’t understand or thought could be improved. Today students typed their memoirs and next week I hope to finish up with their photographs and reflective poems!

Found Poem



planning and organizing

The Road to Woodstock

wrangling with Jimi Hendrix’s

Jim Morrison passed

Moody Blues pulled out

last minute

John Lennon couldn’t

drug bust

“We were in panic mode”

Lang wanted

to jog his memory

“something we’ll work on until it happens or it doesn’t”

Lang is savoring the fesival’s



dark moment in America

And along came Woodstock, this moment of hope.

That is how I see

List Poem


Goooood Morning

Alarm clock going off at 5:15 AM…Check

Throw on clothes (forget the make up and hair)…Check

Drive three blocks…Check

Thaw out ice cube hands over the grill…Check

Get the money draw…Check

Turn on the rest of the lights…Check

Pour Bobby another cup of coffee (because he gets here at 5:00)…Check

Fill up the sugars…Check

Fill up the creamers…Check

Vacuum and sweep (if they didn’t finish last night)…Check

Start a pot of decaf….Check

Unlock the door…Check

Speak to people… give me 5 more minutes

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